Dingfeng Capacitor---A New Product Launched By Dingfeng

Time: 2016-07-06

Dingfeng Capacitor---A New Product Launched By Dingfeng

       A good news to share all of our dearest customers: Dingfeng has pushed out a new product recently. It is a new type of cbb60 motor running capacitor constructed with three lead wires, the degree of thickness of wires and their color could be customized by our customers. Although it is a new product, it meets with great favor overseas by its beautiful appearance and reliable quality, which plays the most important role in dingfeng's success all the time.

      As one of the earliest capacitor manufacturers engaged in producing capacitor for over 27 years in china , we believe one day Dingfeng Capacitor will exist in every corner of the world by means of its reliable quality and good reputation. By the way,Dingfeng sincerely welcomes all the friend to visit our company and hopes to have a good communication and double-win partnership with all of you cause dingfeng capacitor is always on the way to be better! Your views are the driving forces of DingfengI hereby on behalf of all the members of dingfeng, thank all of you for the long-term supporting and concerning of our growth.

ac motor running capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/Ac+motor+running+capacitor/

fan capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/Fan+capacitor/

air conditioner capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/Air+condition+capacitor/

lighting capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/Lighting+capacitor/

motor starting capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/Motor+starting+capacitor/

power capacitor: http://www.dfcapacitor.com/power+capacitor

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