DINGFENG CAPACITOR--How to Measure Capacitance with Universal electrical Meter
Q:How to Measure Capacitance with Universal electrical Meter
A: 1.Before measuring capacitance, capacitance must be discharged, that is, the capacitor ends will be short-circuited after the capacitor is removed.

2.Look at the capacitance of the capacitance label capacitor to select the appropriate gear. Let's take the 25-micrometer capacitor as an example

3.When the multimeter is set to the capacitance gear, the gear is larger than the capacitance value on the capacitance label. We choose 200 micrometer method.

4.Press the multimeter measurement button, which is usually marked "Cx/Lx", that is, the measurement capacitance button. After pressing, the display screen will be prompted

5.Note that the pen must be installed into COM and Cx jacks.

6.Finally, the capacitance is contacted by two pens. Generally, the measured value is too large, but as long as it is close to the label value, it shows that the capacitance is normally available
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