DINGFENG CAPACITOR -- What types of film capacitors are included?

Q: DINGFENG CAPACITOR -- What types of film capacitors are included?

A: There are many types of film capacitors.

According to the dielectric material: polypropylene PP, polyester PET, polyphenylene sulfide PPS, polyethylene naphthalate PEN, polystyrene PS,polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, polycarbonate PC, as well as paper, acrylic resin, paint film and many more.

According to the electrode: metal foil, metallization (also divided into aluminum, zinc, zinc aluminum, copper metallization), and a mixture of the two.

According to the package: no package, epoxy encapsulation, plastic case package, metal case package, etc.

According to the installation: PCB (SMD, radial installation and axial installation), insert type, soft lead, bolt type and so on.

According to the purpose: general purpose, pulse, suppression power supply electromagnetic interference (commonly known as safety capacitor),precision, high voltage power capacitor, low voltage parallel compensation,intermediate frequency resonance, AC motor start running, AC filtering, and soon.


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