DINGFENG CAPACITOR -- Can I replace CBB65 with CBB60 capacitor?

Q: DINGFENG CAPACITOR -- Can I replace CBB65 with CBB60 capacitor?

A: From the perspective of the function, CBB60 is not a substitute for CBB65.

CBB60 is plastic case, which is generally used in AC motors of household appliances such as washing machines to maintain the operation of the motor. CBB60 waterproof and moisture-proof performance, most commonly used in washing machines, pumps.

The outer casing of the CBB65 is aluminum, which is an important component of the compressor in the air conditioner, and is an indispensable key component for the start and operation of the compressor. CBB65 has high temperature resistance and explosion-proof characteristics, so it is often used in air conditioner refrigerators.

If you replace the CBB65 emergency with CBB60, the motor will work.It is required that the capacity of the capacitor to be replaced must be the same, and the withstand voltage must be greater than the withstand voltage of the original capacitor. Since the two capacitors are designed for different working environments, emergency use can be used. For long-term use, it is better to use the original type of capacitor.


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